About Us

Transforming fashion with a new meaning, Beautiful Dove has been active in supplying high quality hand-made women apparel. Serving stylish dressing needs of women, we ensure that the products are manufactured as per existing new fashion trends. Right from the bridesmaid dresses to formal ball gowns, tunics, midi dresses evening gowns and many more, our dress designers have been crafting every piece with perfection. We stepped into the fashion industry 4 and a half years back with the intention of developing a strong network among valuable clients.

Our designers are extremely experienced and understand every nook of fashion, which is reflected in the dresses created by us. It is rightly understood that dressing to impress is the need of existing fashion conscious world. And our team ensures that everything is designed meticulously.

Think of an occasion and let us dress you in style. We are sure that you will get accolades for adorning exceptional masterpieces from our house of fashion. You will feel like a princess in every dress bought from us. It is our responsibility to create dresses with fabrics that are soft on your body.

Undoubtedly, we are working towards creating long lasting relationships with our clients. So, it is important for us to come up with impeccable designs